FigFun fig preserves

Figs are seen by some as food for royalty and by others as exotic. For most of us, figs remind us of days gone by - sweet memories of eating freshly picked figs in the back yard or fig jam on fresh hot home made bread and dried fig rolls - not even mentioning the temptation of green fig preserve.

Although figs originate from Biblical times, the fruit was unavailable in shops due to its short shelf life. Luckily this has changed. Today there are new cultivars available that enable everybody to have access to this fruit

“Vyevreugde Figfun” is a new enterprise that focusses on preserving figs and therefore increases the availability of the fruit. Figs are fun and inspire those who are exposed to it.

Many of the recipes are developed by ourselves or close family members. The figs are purple with a delightful flavour and remind one of Adam’s figs.

The colour of the preserved product is similar to that of strawberries and not only caresses the eye but also charm the taste buds.